Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Having a Blast!

I got a new book in yesterday, "KNITTING (20 Simple & Stylish Wearables for Beginners)" by Catherine Ham,and I've been working on a hat for Cary all day. The first time I somehow got my knitting twisted, even though I was aware I shouldn't and trying not to, so after a few pattern rows I started over. The second time I cast on a long-tail cast-on which looked nicer, and after the first couple of rows, which always seem to be icky, I started to book! I love when you get into the rhythm of a pattern.

It may seem odd that I find such joy sitting in a quiet house by a window, doing the same thing over and over, but it occurred to me I have been conditioned by my professional life to do just that! I worked as a legal secretary/legal assistant for years. Lawyers love it when you stay at your desk so you are always there if they need you, and I aimed to please. I was not a gaddabout, although I always longed to be able to be outdoors or have a job where I could experience different surroundings. Isn't it funny that I now have that option, but I choose to sit still, working quietly for hours on end, because of years of conditioning! It's a gorgeous day here today, though, and I have been breaking up my knitting with laundry, work on the pool and have been contemplating knitting outdoors. What a luxury!

Little did I know I was in such a mecca for needle arts when we lived in Austin! Catherine Ham mentions Hill Country Weavers in her book, but the whole time I lived there I only entered that store one time and was frightened away by the giant looms and loops of expensive yarns hanging everywhere. And the other day I read that one of the DIY chicks has a store in Austin. I'm still trying to locate the yarn stores in Houston, and the other day my friend Pam took me to a great one which may be my favorite so far, Twisted Yarns. Still, it's a little ways from me and unless I go in the morning where I can lose myself (and my concept of time) for hours without worrying about picking up Ashley, I do not indulge myself in visiting. I feel the clearance bin calling to me, though, so I may have to go soon.

I've been hankering for a set of interchangeable needles and cables now that I've begun to hand knit a bit more. It seems I am always having to substitute yarn to meet gauge because I don't have the correct needle size, or fight with too long cables. I really seem to prefer metal needles, so the Knit Picks set is appealing to me thus far. The Boye Needlemaster set is much more affordable, but I've read some reviews that your knitting hangs at the joints, and that would drive me batty. I absolutely love my Addi Turbos, and maybe the answer is just to buy a few different sizes of these and make myself some kind of pouch organizer to hold them in my bag.

Hopefully I will have a completed hat for Mr. G when he returns from his latest trip, and a picture for you!

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