Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've Been Bowled Over

I have been working non-stop today! Well, you and I call it "work"--not sure Cary or Ashley or the rest of the free world would.

First I wound some green mercerized cotton (Sinfonia) and did a gauge swatch because I want to make a tank top out of it. (Found this on clearance yesterday for $1.74 a skein and they had two.)

Next I frogged a gauge swatch and rewound a ball of some stuff I have decided to make a shawl from and I need every inch. Looked through Stitch World to pick a nice holey lace since holes don't need as much yarn as stitches do.

Wound one skein of bright neon green Manos de Uruguay...I was hilarious. I do not have a swift, so I looped it around my head and one shoulder and did a cute little dipsy dance. Then I just put it over one shoulder, which worked just as well without the risk of my throwing my back out. I looked like a cowgirl, about to rope me some Uruguayan bull.

Then I got started on this morning's brainstorm: I'm going to make Easter bowls out of my Manos, with my own two manos, for mi familia. The initial idea is to knit the bowls, felt them, embellish them, fill them and mail them. I bet the Easter bunny doesn't go to this much trouble!

Came downstairs and hand knit a bowl. I started out on Addis but they were just TOO BIG! (Gulliver called--he wants his needles back.) And the cord is too long for this, so I couldn't maneuver them. I switched to a short cord and 15s from my new Needlemasters. It was tough going at first. Eventually I had to shift to two sets of circulars. Does anybody make size 10 plus double pointed needles???? As I'm knitting those small circulars, I am beating myself to death with the needle tips of those curly cords!!! Anyway, I managed and I threw that one in the washer with some Dawn and one tennis shoe and a pair of jeans. Knitting it took me an hour and a half.

I ran upstairs to the studio and started one on the bulky, but you may remember I am using the shaft (I just love saying that) of a Studio and the tension mast of a Brother, and those two won't play nice. I finally got to use some of my Epoxy putty (aka "Mighty Putty") to bond them together. It takes 15 minutes to set, so I ran downstairs and heated up the zucchini soup I made Monday. YUM!

Lunched up, I ran upstairs and knitted 45 stitches for 5 1/2". Then I started transferring so that every other needle had two stitches on it. To do this, you have to move them and move them and move them some more. (Sounds like my first marriage!) Then I would knit two rows and do it again. And again. Bleh. But finally I had it down to a small even number...I think it was eight, and I doubled them up and knit a row, then bound them off. I left the last loop and grabbed my trusty crochet hook and single crocheted the seam up the side. This one took me about 45 minutes. Threw it in the washer.

I decided to wash Cary's hat on hot while I was at it, and throw it in the dryer. It looks a little better, not all loosey goosey.

I folded one load of laundry, just so when Cary asked me what I did all day I can say "laundry," and went back to try another machine knit bowl. I did the same 45 stitches and five and a half inches, but I decreased one stitch each end every other row. I don't know what I was trying to do...maybe a horn o' plenty? And at the bottom I got this idea of doing three triangular short row sections. Sort of a horn of tri-corner? Needless to say, this experiment went awry. The bottom has promise, but the side goes off to this wild angle...I think I'm going to just get some wool and a needle and stitch up that side and cut that off. It will probably make a shape that would mold to a coffee cup.

Here are the first two. The shallower of the two is the hand knit one.

Next, I crocheted a bowl. The crochet I've felted before worked out great! I've heard it's because the looser the stitch, the more "fulling" can occur between said stitches. Whatever. I can crochet like the wind. This one took 30 minutes.

I really liked the way the machine knit one looked, nice and even...and I still had the bulky threaded, so I went back upstairs and knit up what was left. I took the stitches off on a long skinny knitting needle and crocheted the bottom.

I'm in process on one more, crochet, with a slight variation in stitch pattern. Here are the raw ones, just so you can see what they look like before they are felt up. Heh.

Tomorrow, we bling.

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