Friday, March 28, 2008

Perpetual Purple Pullover

I'm working on a new project, a simple sweater called the "Yukon Pullover" from the book "Knitting in the Round." I'm using Patons Diana brushed chunky yarn, because I had 10 skeins of it! I am a classic underbuyer. I never buy enough yarn for fear I will have orphan balls laying around, or that I will spend way more than I should on a single item of clothing. Let's face it, the total expenditure can get away from you on some of these things. I know, I know, I'm putting my time in it, it's an investment, yadda yadda yadda. But in reality, I don't NEED anything I'm making. Knitting is a wonderful pastime for me, a hobby, and I try to keep that in mind.

I said I TRY. I didn't say I manage it!

So when I bought a lot of cone yarn from the lady from whom I purchased my bulky, I got a lot of skein yarn thrown in for freebies. This is some of it, and it's really yucky. It's a beautiful color, and it's the right weight for the pattern, but it's very fuzzy and scratchy, not at all fun to knit with. It's a wonder to me, but the fabric is turning out nice and soft in spite of it. I'll be glad when I'm done though and can move on to something more pleasing to the touch.

Meanwhile, I tried to knit on my 930 standard today and it was a fiasco. I had better luck casting on with waste yarn, but the cotton Sinfonia I was trying to knit with gave me lots of problems and knit up like a piece of cardboard. Just trying to rewind the cake proved difficult and it's still up in the studio on the cone-winder with a big tangled wad laying on the floor because I got disgusted and walked out. If I can get some more patience, I will try again on every other needle and see how it goes. That machine is treading on thin ice.

Some days are just like this. Bleh.


steel breeze said...

Cotton is very unforgiving on knitting machines, it has no stretch. Try using a bigger tension no, or going every other needle (EON) might do the trick!

You could also try giving it a spray with wax polish, or run it over a candle. But MK with cotton is not fun, don't blame yourself! :)

Kath said...

Thanks, Jane! I'll give it one more chance.