Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chunky--it's a GOOD thing!

Oh, I love my bulky machine and it's chunky yarns! Having recently become bogged down and flusterated, as John Mayer seems to say on "Your Body is a Wonderland", with my 930, I decided to go ahead and switch the bulky back onto the motor tilt stand. I'm a mood knitter, as I am also a mood everything elser, and I'm in the mood to knit up some stash. I'm behind on my blanket production, and I'm feeling the need for some if not immediate, pretty-darn-quick gratification.

But I wanted to post this entry to serve as a reminder to myself that adapting a Studio machine for use with a Brother motor is a lot like childbirth, a H-U-G-E pain in the butt! First I had to remove the handle from the carriage. Then I had to find the screws and nuts which had cost a mere $2.00 and some chump change (luckily they have a lot of chumps at Home Depot!) but had taken a week to locate. I painstakingly screwed the little screws in, making sure to have the handle equidistant from each screw hole and then fighting the tiny nuts (don't you just hate tiny nuts? I know *I* do!) only to find that the peg from the coupler wouldn't reach the u-shaped hole on the motor hangy-down thing (technical term.) So I thought I must have misremembered where the coupler screwed in, as there are holes in the front and holes in the back. (On a Brother machine you screw the front holes into the place the handle used to be, then you screw the handle on the back holes for when you need to push the carriage by hand.) But after trying this for a row, the motor popped off on the left hand side, and then the old memory kicked in! Oh yeah, for some reason, I have to move the whole bed forward on the tilt stand, almost to a perilous point, and in so doing, I have to move it to the right or the left and completely and totally bypass the little cups placed there to stabilize the entire bed. (That was my palm slapping my forehead.)

I moved the handle, I moved the bed, the motor is zooming along nicely now. And that's the way it's going to stay! Cary is just going to have to bite the bullet and buy me another motor, that's all there is to it!

I knit up the green Sinfonia for a while, until it tangled but still knit (???) and half the knitting wound up off the needles. I guess I have half a yard. I can tell that the yarn approximation by Knitware was off by scads and oodaddles (that's a lot) and I am not inclined to buy more of this crap. So guess what...I'm going to try my hand at a string bag! I'll either give the motor a go for handles, or I'll hand knit them. Whatever is left I am going to wind into a ball and set on fire.

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