Monday, October 06, 2008

Ashley's Hurricane Sweater

[Click the pics to enlarge.]

So here it is! It's made from some chenille yarn I found in the bargain bin at Hill Country Weavers in Austin, to which we evacuated. Ashley picked the pattern out from the Drops Designs online pattern gallery and we printed the pattern out on her Papaw's printer. The pattern showed stockinette, but I did it in garter stitch so it would have more texture--I thought it would show off the little colored blobs a bit better. I knit this sweater by hand, although I did the aqua vest on the last post by the same pattern on my bulky machine. I'm discovering converting patterns from hand to machine is not as difficult as I imagined. Alan, thanks for the little push that direction!

I made the label out of transfer fabric "paper", but the white would have shown through the back of the sweater too much, so I colored it with a blue sharpie marker and that's why there are some little blue blobs that soaked through on the edges.

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