Thursday, June 03, 2010

I Gone and Done It!

Well, people, I am back to sticks and string and LOVING IT! I have sold all of my knitting machines and assorted paraphernalia. I've even rid myself of the books and odd tools and bits and pieces I sought so diligently for so long. Machine knitting taught me so much, for which I am very grateful, the primary discovery being I like hand knitting. I like the portability, the versatility and the participation in every single stitch.

And now I absolutely love my studio space! I'm hoping to do some more sewing with the extra room. Ash wants me to make her some clothes and teach her to sew...can you imagine the delirium I am experiencing?!! This is one happy mama!

And that's not all! She has asked me to teach her to knit, which I found much more difficult than I imagined it would be. My own mother, a lefty, taught me, a right-hander, to knit. I'm not sure how she got that done! I am having to rely on Ashley's superior intellect and dedication to get past her mother's inadequacy--tools my mother didn't have with me! I'm so proud of Ash, she is really getting it! She has knit about 10 rows of garter stitch! We were so cute this morning, sitting side by side with our knitting bags in our laps and Desperate Landscaping on the tv. It put a little lump in my throat.

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