Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I know both of my readers are just dying of curiosity, anxious to know how my extreme knitting is going! Well, it's coming along! I finished my t-shirt loop rug right away and as always, if you are open to it, learning occurred with this first project. I took pictures, but now I am unable to find them...but that's probably a blessing, because while I didn't hate it, I wasn't entirely satisfied with it either. Now it has been trodden underfoot for a couple of weeks and is looking more like the utilitarian object it is. Which is great--that's what rugs are for! But I feel that I can do much better. The double loops turned out to be too heavy. Since then, I have been cutting t-shirts into a continuous loop of single thickness and rolling them into balls. I searched for and purchased an ergonomic rotary cutter also, because I was giving myself a new repetitive stress injury.

Now, you can see that I have moved on to the next project, and Extreme Husband was delighted to capture me on a Saturday morning at work, still in my nightie. I think this demonstrates my dedication.

This project is comprised of five strands of thick/thin wool called Cartwheel, by Moda Dea. I found it on sale at JoAnn's once and we hit three stores and bought up the entire inventory, because it is 100% wool, very soft and it was very cheap. I'm making a throw of some sort, I think. At first I wound five strands together into a huge center-fed cake, but as I knit it, the strands didn't feed at the same pace and I wound up with big tangles and loops of excess on one strand and another. Without spinning it, this is just the way it goes. So I came up with this:

It's a hanging shoe bag from Ikea. I clipped the bottom to the top with bulldog clips, turned it on its side and put a skein in each shoe-hole. Now it feeds beautifully!

And this is what it's looking like so far:

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