Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's hurricane season here in Houston. I get a rush from watching Dr. Master's blog on Wunderground, and I've learned so much. I don't think I have ever posted! I also enjoy checking into the KHOU weather forum when something is particular to our area. To me, it's something like gambling, in that there are statistical probabilities, but there is also the random element of chance at work. So you can calculate and you can look at historical evidence of other weather systems and how they performed under similar circumstances, you can apply the various pro and con factors and you can evaluate the many models' performance and criteria, but they are still wild animals with wills of their own!

On the knitting front, I have made possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever knit. I can't capture it (yet) in a photograph, but if/when I do I will post it here. It's dark blue, but not quite navy, and I think that's what makes it so difficult to photograph. I didn't follow a pattern, but kind of made it up as I went along, a process I very much enjoy. Sometimes I come up with a rag or a makeshift something-or-other that taught me a process or what NOT to do next time, which is valuable. But this time it worked out. I cast one hundreds of itty bitty stitches with a double strand of 100% cashmere from Colourmart in England. The entire cone was just $30 with shipping, a remarkable bargain, except that if you look at it funny it breaks...hence two strands. I did several rows of garter and then drop stitch, then garter, then drop stitch, until it looked right. I finished it off with a triangular crocheted edging and a navy glass bugle bead at each apex. It's not very wide, maybe three inches, but the beads make it sparkle and it's filmy and soft and lovely. Finally, something I know I will wear!

I finished a pair of worsted weight socks I made for my friend Jacki in Detroit. I was less than impressed with them, but I think she'll like them. They were call Z-Cuff socks from Vogue Knitting, with a lacy little cuff and stockinette everything else. I seriously hate sock knitting. It's very practical though, so I bought a toe up 2 at a time sock book and I'm still trying to find my inner sock knitter.

Now I'm knitting a hat out of a creamy white Camelsoft yarn. I have messed up a little because I was stubborn and wanted to use my 40" Signature size 8s, which were just too long but not quite long enough and I'm having to futz with them to do magic loop. Still, it's for me, and it has a very eye-popping crown design which I hope will draw the eye AWAY from the mistakes I have made along the join stitch.

I'm having such fun thinking of some of my acquaintances and what type of knitwear I could make for them and send as a surprise. I get such joy from posting a picture of a finished item and tagging the recipient, so they find out with the rest of my friends that there is a present on the way. It's an indulgence, to be sure.

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