Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School Productivity

Things I did today:

Started a rainbow stripe blanket from this book. I found it for $4.00 on, but it won't be here for a few days. So I was impatient, and I felt that I needed to do a sample with the Elsa Williams tapestry wool I have in great quantity to see if that was going to work and if I had the right hook for a suitable gauge. I'm no slave to gauge, no gauge owns me, but since I am the boss of my knitting I do want it to meet my loose standards. I bought some wooden crochet hooks recently at the Japanese dime store, FIT, for $3.00 each. And I bought some ergonomic handled crochet hooks at the LYS.

I needn't have bought the book, it turns out, because by reading Ravelry project notes and zooming in on the project photos, I was able to figure out the pattern easily, and find that it calls for two strands of worsted and an "N" hook. Turns out I had the hook needed and two strands of this tapestry wool is equal to two strands worsted. Now I just have to figure out what colors to use from my inventory. It may be a rainbow from a parallel but more muted and heathery universe.

I wasted a good amount of time looking for more of this yarn, because now that I'm using it, I'm afraid of not having it anymore. (Head case.) It represented such potential for me! And as you might imagine, 40 yard skeins disappear quickly.

I also wound several cakes of cream Aracania Nature Cotton. Why are all the best yarns discontinued????

This is the most lovely thick and thin soft cotton. I bought the last I could find at a decent price from a Ravelry person and now I am knitting up a rug from it on my bulky machine.

I am knitting a 54 row block of about 40 stitches (relatively square), then wasting off and turning it, knitting another 54 rows, waste off and turn, knit another 54 rows. I have enough for three of these strips which I will join and then it will be large waffle weave squares of smooth stockinette and ripply reverse stockinette. I'll have to find some puff paint by the gallon now.


Light mint floppy fronted sweater with very dark purple trim. My Romanian tea set brought to me by my BIL is the inspiration. I may try to find some irridescent beads to sprinkle hither and yon.

This Flamboyant Shawl


Feather and fan scarf

Linen stitch scarf

Purple variegate scarf...trim

Bias shawl in lavender/pink variegate with solid trim (or vice versa?)

White car rider sweater (Corinne)

Mohair mobius

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