Friday, September 29, 2017

Now you see it, now you don't. Now you see it again.

Thanks to a sweet Raveler who used my post about machine knitting socks to knit one, I found out that my blog had gone missing.  I believe it was due to the Equifax debaucle, I had to verify my identity and create a new password and everything is back.  And thank goodness, not just so my Ravelry revealer can make her other sock, but also because I was a little panicked--you don't know what you've got till it's gone!  I told her I'd try to do better, so here goes.

I am a future-based planning person.  It's in my dna.  My inclination is always to say what I'm PLANNING to do, which is always subject to change and almost always does change.  But I have a few projects I am really excited about:

I discovered recently by looking through pictures of machine knitted items on Ravelry a new pattern source.  Current machine knitting patterns are hard to come by and while many classics are available in magazines from the '80s, machine knitting's heyday, you have to dig past a kajillion dolman and drop sleeved items to find them.  So when I found it, I broke my rule and paid for it!  It's a beautiful raglan sleeve pullover knitted side-to-side on the bulky.  (Of course, you can knit it on a standard as well, you will just have to do the maths--bleh.) You can find it here:  Sussie's Design

I love the swing shape afforded by the side-to-side construction.  And there are so many ways this pattern can be modified:  Different yarn, contrasting sleeves and body, neckline treatments, but the center join is what excites me most.  Leave it open without joining at all and you have a cardigan. Seam it with a bulky yarn, or crochet it shut.  The possibilities are endless.

Another is the Bill King "Waterfall" cardigan/vest/jacket, from the November 2012 issue of Machine Knitting Monthly.  That issue is so popular it has sold out.  I believe there are some other sources for similar patterns, as it was so popular, and will post it if I can find one.

So I am off to fuel up with some breakfast in my quiet house (!!!) and see if I can make some progress on this!

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