Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Bowls

Here are the embellished Easter bowls. They actually look more like nests. The couching foot worked like a charm! I probably would have had better success with some nylon cording, but since yarn is what I have in abundance that is what I used. I just kind of played with it, doing zigzags and loop-de-loops and squigglies. The eyelash yarn didn't do very well because the hair is encompassed by the monofilament needle thread. You put matching thread in the bobbin and it makes a quilted motif on the inside of the bowl, an unexpected pretty touch.

Don't look too closely, but this is my FIRST attempt at a tam. I have a tip for you if you try one of these. Don't let your family talk to you while you're doing the rib! Shhh...I don't think the model notices, so let's keep it on the down low.

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Logan Rupard said...

Hey! we arn't that distracting, you're just not a multi tasker. you should make me an arm gaurd, i have a few arrows for my bow now, but every time i use it i get two verry "Mom" like bruises on my arm.