Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quick Update

I know, I know...I've been remiss. But spring has sprung, and I've had spring fever. I've been working on the pool, the garden, and generally just playing around! I'm still knitting socks, including a pair I'm focusing on with Hill Country sock yarn that I scored in a mystery bag (it was SUCH a great, including a bag of Noro that was unheard of cheap) for a gift. I finally got some #2 long circs which works much better with typical sock yarn weight. But my knitting interest is waning with the advent of nice weather. I've set up the bulky on the motor and have knitted some Project Linus blankets, though, and I hope to do up a lot more in the coming weeks.

We've booked our Didney World vacation for the summer, thanks to Uncle Sam! I'm really excited about it, because Logan is going to join us there after his dad's wedding! Ashley just about had a giddy-fit, but not just because of the Disney trip (which she's been begging for for months) but because she gets to see one of her beloved brothers. It's amazing how much a little girl can miss getting sat upon!

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