Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I made *A* sock!

What? Doesn't everybody knit in their garage while wearing their swimsuit?

It really went quite well now that I've relaxed the tension. I was able to transfer the stitches quite easily...short rowing on the White took a little getting used to, because IT AUTOMATICALLY WRAPS (There was great joy in Mudville!!!) so it's actually VERY easy! This combination of patterns used a fully fashioned decrease at the toe and I think I prefer the short-rowed toe, even though you then have to waste off the stitches and turn the sock inside out and put the stitches back on the machine to bind off. OR my friend Clarisse, machine knitter extraordinaire, sent me a link for hand-grafting with knitting needles that I might be able to master. It fit Cary very well, but he said the ribbing needed to be tighter, and you can see the man knows his stuff because of the ruffledy edges on the rib. It will have a little of that regardless because of the cast-on comb, which will go away once it's washed, but this is a whole lotta ruffle and I concur with his excellent observation.

Now the dilemma is do I rip and reknit or do I make a matching ruffly sock? I think I may just leave this baby an orphan, because I have frogged and reknit this one ball so many times it may disintegrate if I do so again, and who wants to reknit a mistake? NOT ME! I'll have plenty of those as I go along regardless!

I'm tickled...things are going according to plan...except for that Ike business in the Gulf, which has derailed my knitting for a few days.

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