Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Machine!

My new White 1602 machine arrove, but it was busted! The good old U. S. Postal Service dumped it on one end, cracking the end caps and knocking a knob off the back carriage. When the seller and I tried to collect on the insurance purchased, they insisted that they could only pay up if we gave them the machine, which they would destroy. Even busted, these machines are so rare and parts are no longer made for them, so that was an offer we *could* refuse! The seller is attempting to work out a repair reimbursement with his much nicer postal rep. but meantime, Kath had no sock making machine and that made Kath very unhappy. (Ashley has started referring to herself in the 3rd person, so why can't I?) I was feeling very pouty and started surfing just to get my mind off of my loss. What do you know, I found a very nice nearly new condition machine with many accessories right here in Texas! So I took a road trip and purchased it and lovingly carried it home for set up. Unfortunately, the belt on the programming box was broken (as are they all--with the years they get brittle) but if I can locate (or construct) a belt I will have a functional box. Since my Brother 930 has more programming than I can shake a stick at, I am happy for the time being to knit socks, which was my original intent.

I began right away...began making mistakes! I am attempting to make the famous White sock pattern in the manual. Thread gauges have changed through the years, and swatching is for wimps (ha!) so my first attempts have been at what has been shown to be too tight a tension. However, I can see progress and once I get my skills back up to snuff and my tension correct, I have no doubt I will be socking it to everyone I know! Hopefully pictures will follow.

First I have a wonderful second honeymoon in Las Vegas this weekend, marking my tenth anniversary of marriage to my stud muffin!

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Rabecca said...

Well, now I now what's been occupying your time and brain cells! Isn't it crazy what we'll go through to get what we think we'll need? And I'm saying "We" here because I'm just exactly like you! Only our teachers are on strike and I have no knitting time and that is makin' me CRANKY!!!!