Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hello Kitty--Goodbye day!

Ashley has Character Day parade on Friday at her school--remember the days when parents could let their kids wear their Halloween costume both trick-or-treating AND to school??? Now all that beautiful dark gore that made Halloween so fun is ver boten, and to ensure that parents have to part with more hard-earned cash, they have to actually have the book containing the character. The only one Ashley would be caught dead imitating was Hello Kitty, so this morning I pulled up an image on Google, enlarged it, printed it out and cut it out.

Then I cut out the pattern--I lined the front with t-shirt knit to make it a little softer next to her skin (she's VERY sensitive) and put a hood on the back to give her noggin room.

I sewed pipe cleaners in the tips of the ears and along the top so it wouldn't just look like some very poorly designed ski mask.

Turned it and attached the bows I made. She will wear a red & white polka dot dress I made her (if it still fits!) and I will draw a button nose and whiskers on her face.

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Rabecca said...

Wow, you make a lovely Hello Kitty! As for the politics of school...don't get me started! As PTA President, I have no power to change but I'm hearing all kinds of gripes about our new Halloween policy. It was left up to each teacher to decide, so we have many families with one kid who can dress up and one who can't. Imagine the tears!